Application Development.

Our development team has experience working with all modern frameworks and technologies, which means we can help you plan your project from the start and recommend the best plan with your project in mind.

Our developers are trained for best practice principles for all projects. This includes, but isn’t limited to, proper and daily commits to a code repository, clean and well-commented code, unit testing and daily progress reports to a project manager.

Grandma’s Jars.

Grandma’s Jars is a revolutionary budgeting application which is the brainchild of Phil McGilvray. This projet was wonderful to work on as it had a tremendous amount of moving parts and a lot of data that had to be tracked and worked with in order to guarantee the best results for its users.

In addition to being a budgeting application, the system allows for users to work within the app with their budget coaches, leaving notes, discussing possible alternate budgets and scheduling appointments.

The system was built within the Yii Framework. Code Ninjas was responsible for development, project management and planning.

This project was done in associate with Growth Labs.

My name is Phil McGilvray I am a partner in one of Australia’s leading Stockbroking and Financial Planning firms, I am also the owner and founder of Grandma’s Jars online budgeting. I have had the privilege to work with Dan and more recently Code Ninjas for the best part of two years now.

Dan has helped bring my dream of a subscription based online budgeting and financial coaching platform to life. I was so impressed with the process Dan took me through to really capture and understand the essence of what I was after, from initial discussion, to the 100 + page spec document, to building the framework and then breaking the task into milestones that allowed me to follow along with each stage of the project.

Having had some negative experiences with previous developers it was important that I had a detailed timeline and costing for each section of the project, Dan provided this and kept both to time and budget. Through our many discussions I have also come to understand that Dan has a real heart to serve his clients and provide them with the best possible come. I am only too happy to recommend Dan to anyone looking to take on a development project. Phil McGilvray

Owner, Grandma's Jars

A Full Service Agency.

In short. That thing you need? Yeah, we do that.

Code Ninjas is a full-service development and management agency with a wide range of services to suit any project. We help our clients in each stage of a project, from their initial idea, to long-term maintenance and support.

Our developers have a decades of experience planning, building and updating websites, applications, back-office databases and mobile applications. 

We have a very talented WordPress team which focuses on bringing the best out of core WordPress with custom themes and plugins. 

Whether you need design inspiration or a team to convert your designs to pixel-perfect code, our front-end developers can bring your designs to life.

The back-bone of our process is a custom-made management plan focused on planning, management, communication and reporting. 

Our business goals include being a long-term asset to companies, which they rely on not just for support but for peace of mind.

For all clients, we offer secure, fully managed hosting for your staging, test and live environments. Enhanced speed & performance, fully backed up and secure.

Get in Touch.

Regardless of what question you may have or the size of your project, please feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation. Even if we’re not the right fit for you, or your project isn’t the right fit for us, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction and give you quality and useful information.


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