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Proper planning, proper structure and organization teamed up with Project Managers who know how to keep the trains running on time can resolve 95% of issues before they start. We’ve worked hard to perfect our process so a good result is the only result acceptable.

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Proper Planning

The first step of our process is proper planning. This includes working with you to translate your needs and ideas, expanding on them when appropriate and putting together full, detailed documentation and a technical plan that we can hand over to the developers, with all their questions answered before the first line of code is written.

Based on this plan, we put together a reasonable schedule with attainable milestones so that the work can be done on time, without undue pressure, so our developers can focus on quality.

Structured Build.

With a plan in place, our developers will work alongside our management team to build modular pieces of functionality a piece at a time. Each unit of functionality and each line of code goes through a rigorous testing and review process before being pushed to the staging site for review.

Each day you’ll receive a status report and each week you’ll receive a weekly report giving an overview of what was completed in the week, and what we plan to tackle in the upcoming week.

During this process you will have complete access, see all discussions and help us by being actively engaged with comments, questions and discussion.

Review, Test, Report.

Once the developers have completed a milestone, the full team will user-test the end-product with all browsers, operating systems and under all available circumstances and report back any issues or bugs they may find.

This report will also be sent to you for your review, with an expected time till delivery. Once the system has been debugged, you’ll be invited to test the system as well.

Once everyone is satisfied with the result, we begin to plan the deployment.

Site Deployment & Support

Proper servers and hosting will be prepared and discussed ahead of time so during launch there are no surprises. Both the server and the delivered software will be load tested and put under immense pressure before the live launch to ensure that the application or website won’t have any issues post-launch, handling any traffic our marketing efforts have had with incoming business.

Before, during and after your launch, our team will be standing by to help with any support issues, on-going maintenance or server upgrades you may need.

Get in Touch.

Regardless of what question you may have or the size of your project, please feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation. Even if we’re not the right fit for you, or your project isn’t the right fit for us, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction and give you quality and useful information.

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