Getting things done right.

Code Ninjas has been in operation for just under ten years. At its founding, one of the most important things we set out to do was to revitalize and improve the project planning and implementation process.

We wanted to make it easier for clients without a background of technical knowledge to be able to work with us confidently, with a full understanding
of each phase of the project.

Proper Planning.

The first step of any successful project is a thorough planning process. During this stage we’ll work with you to translate your needs and ideas into a document called a “Living Spec”, which is a living technical version of your idea.

We’ll ask the right questions and make recommendations based on the answers, fully documenting this process from the start, and throughout the development process.

At the end of the planning process, you’ll be provided a realistic and reliable quote of time and cost for your project, reducing the potential for surprises both with the application itself, and your wallet.

Structured Build.

With a plan in place, our developers will work alongside our management team to build your project’s requirements, one unit at a time. Each unit goes through a rigorous testing and review process before being pushed to the staging site for review.

Each day you’ll receive a status report and each week you’ll receive a weekly report giving an overview of what was completed in the week and what we plan to tackle in the upcoming days.

During this process you will have complete access to our internal management system and be able to see all discussions happening about your project between our team. You can be as involved as you choose to be (and we hope you will!) for the best possible result.

Review. Test. Report.

Once the developers have completed a milestone, the full team will user-test the end-product with all browsers, operating systems and under all available circumstances and report back any issues or bugs they may find.

This report will also be sent to you for your review, with an expected time till delivery. Once the system has been debugged, you’ll be invited to test the system as well.

Once everyone is satisfied with the result, we begin to plan the deployment as well as create unit testing functionality so that down the line as we add features and update functionality, testing older/core features will be an automated process.

Site Deployment & Support

Proper servers and hosting will be prepared and discussed ahead of time so during launch there are no surprises. Both the server and the delivered software will be load tested and put under immense pressure before the live launch to ensure that the application or website won’t have any issues post-launch regardless of the success of your marketing efforts

Before, during and after your launch, our team will be standing by to help with any support issues, on-going maintenance or server upgrades you may need.

My name is Grant Phillips and I am the owner of Growth Labs Marketing. I’ve been working with Dan for about 4 years now. As a person who has had to deal with all sorts of levels of development companies, I can say with confidence that working with Dan is a breath of fresh air.

He’s been a stable partner that has handled the majority of our development for all of our projects excellently. I always feel relaxed knowing that Dan’s on top of the project. From start to finish he finds the questions we had not even thought to ask, he finds the best solution to match our client’s budgets and goals.

As an agency who is dedicated to making our customers happy, it’s important to me that we work with providers who are interested in long term quality relationships while producing the best product possible. We’ve found that with Code Ninjas. Grant Phillips

CEO, Growth Labs Marketing

A Full Service Agency.

In short. That thing you need? Yeah, we do that.

Code Ninjas is a full-service development and management agency with a wide range of services to suit any project. We help our clients in each stage of a project, from their initial idea, to long-term maintenance and support.

Our developers have a decades of experience planning, building and updating websites, applications, back-office databases and mobile applications. 

We have a very talented WordPress team which focuses on bringing the best out of core WordPress with custom themes and plugins. 

Whether you need design inspiration or a team to convert your designs to pixel-perfect code, our front-end developers can bring your designs to life.

The back-bone of our process is a custom-made management plan focused on planning, management, communication and reporting. 

Our business goals include being a long-term asset to companies, which they rely on not just for support but for peace of mind.

For all clients, we offer secure, fully managed hosting for your staging, test and live environments. Enhanced speed & performance, fully backed up and secure.

Get in Touch.

Regardless of what question you may have or the size of your project, please feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation. Even if we’re not the right fit for you, or your project isn’t the right fit for us, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction and give you quality and useful information.


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