Helping people internet since before it was cool.


What we do.

At Code Ninjas, each of us does what we love. Our Project Managers and Business development specialists partner with our clients to develop their ideas into workable strategies and technical realities.

Following a detailed and well-thought out and documented planning stage, our developers are passionate about delivering quality, robust web and mobile applications.

We have a global team of experienced and knowledgeable people ready to dig deep and work with you. We do what we love, and we want what we love, to be your next big project.


What we build.


We work with our clients to expand on their ideas, and to help them envision the bigger picture. We’ll help develop your idea, business and software so everything we deliver has a real chance at success.


Whether you need an informational website, a robust website application, or a new mobile app, our team can handle your needs. We work with all popular coding languages and frameworks.


You will never wait for an update be left to wonder how your project is coming along. We offer clients daily and weekly reports and status updates, constant contact and a dedicated project manager.


All of our projects go through a strict planning phase, development milestones and rigorous testing to guarantee whenever possible to deliver quality, bug-free code that will make your end-users happy.

How we do it.

Great developers can be hard to find lost among the swarm as a result of the popularity and necessity of the web for businesses.

However having a great team of developers isn’t enough. That’s why we’ve put together the best project management team out there and have worked hard with them to put together a structure and project template that guarantees results.

Nothing is ever “just done”. Every step of your project will be detailed, documented, planned and tested over the watchful eye of your project manager and delivered by a dedicated development team with the support and resources they need.




We’ve created processes and documentation templates that our team, working closely with you, will use to turn your ideas into a realistic, technical plan.


Once our developers have the perfect plan, we will engage in a schedule of milestones delivering pieces of functionality until the entire project is complete.


Proper planning and structure will remove potential mistake. Even still, every line of code and piece of functionality will go through review and rigorous testing before client delivery.


Once the developers are happy, and the project manager is happy, we will deliver your project. You can launch with the confidence that your project was built with the right tools.



Regardless of what question you may have or the size of your project, please feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation. Even if we’re not the right fit for you, or your project isn’t the right fit for us, we’ll be glad to point you in the right direction and give you quality and useful information.

CodeNinjas is the way to go! Very professional, within 12 hrs of accepting the proposal I was contacted to discuss the job. Throughout the job the communication lines were always open and was very quick to make any alterations needed to the website. Very happy with the quality of the work completed and will definitely use CodeNinjas again. Highly recommend this freelancer!

Bryn, Wedding Website

A real find if you require web work of any sort doing. Dan & the team at Code Ninjas were patient, understanding & clearly experts in their field. They have done a great job for me and my Clients. I would definitely recommend you speak to & use these guys !

Tom Perry, Sherpa Marketing

“Highly recommend using Code Ninjas, I will definitely use again.”

Chris Blade

I have been working with Code Ninjas for the past three months and very pleased with the outcome. Unlike other developers, after discussing my brief on the deliverables, they researched possible ways to improve the effectiveness of the website, to have the best possible outcome. I truly appreciate their suggestions and innovative ways to improve my website. Also, Code Ninjas are very efficient with their responses to follow up, usually the work is done within 24 from our discussions. I recommend working with Code Ninjas for their efficiency, creativity and general pleasant nature.

Shereen Tawfiq, InitiativeZ, CEO